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Looking for the perfect fitness studio that not only gives you access to incredible amenities and programs but also helps you achieve your goals? We are a leading fitness studio which guarantees you will learn the basics and advanced training techniques. As your go-to fitness studio, we focus on all age groups. Our fun, motivating and experienced trainers have crafted individual workouts that ensure all muscle groups are targeted thus helping you to transform. Before any workout, our trainers will start you with a class overview and warm up session designed to elevate your heart rate and warm up your muscles ready for the main workout session.

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In the main workout sessions, you will get to engage in the above-mentioned workouts and more. They are designed into different sessions thus eliminating boredom and creating a fun workout environment.

We Offer Free Trials: Our free trial sessions are an excellent way of getting you started in the world of fitness. During the session, you will get to interact with experienced and certified fitness instructors. They will guide you through the basic workouts just to give you a taste of what lays ahead. Try our free trial today and bring a friend!

No Contracts: We understand how frustrating it can be when you are subjected to expensive membership contracts. That is why we offer no-contracts membership. Our pricing plan is affordable and flexible thanks to our low monthly fees. This leaves you with the opportunity of staying fit and maintaining good health. We have also made cancelling to be easy as our flexible and low monthly plans.

Included Nutritional Coaching: Working out contributes 50% towards a healthy lifestyle. The other 50% comes from eating healthy foods. To ensure that you get to stay lean, strong and healthy, our certified trainers will take you through nutritional counseling and teach you how to make the right food choices. That is not all. They will share the best possible information and instructions on nutrition allowing you to attain your goals.

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Although Phoenix, Arizona ancient roots can be traced back to the Pueblo Grande ruins in 700 A.D to 1400 AD, it is not until the 19th century when the modern City of Phoenix was founded. It all started when Jack Swilling of Wickenburg made a stop over to rest at the foot of White Tank Mountains. While resting, he took the opportunity of exploring the surrounding Salt River Valley. That is when he came across the rich and fertile soil. Immediately, he realized that the area was free of rocks and was beyond the reach of heavy snow but lacked water.

A year later, Jack Swilling had organized the Swilling Irrigation Canal Company which helped to divert the waters from Salt River for use in farming. The area was first named Swilling Mill before becoming Helling Mill then Mill City and finally East Phoenix. On May 4th 1868, Phoenix was officially recognized leading to the establishment of the first post office.

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  • Included Nutrition & Training program
  • New and Fresh Cardio Circuits
  • Included Body Composition Guidance
  • Optional VO2 MAX Testing
  • Included Monthly Newsletters
  • Mix Endurance programs
  • New and Fresh Strenth Training
  • In-House Supplement & Juice Bar