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Benefits and Why Cardio Boxing is Popular

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Benefits of Circuit training include:

  • Helps to increase one’s muscular strength
  • Helps to increase speed
  • Helps to increase stamina
  • A single session acts as a great stress reliever
  • Promotes confidence
  • Improves your confidence

This is a form of training where by punching techniques and footwork are combined with the goal of increasing cardiovascular endurance. Cardio boxing is a great workout that targets the upper body while also improving one’s balance and coordination. Thanks to the constant movement, one is able to burn more calories thus promoting weight loss. In a 30-minute session, 150-pound person has the potential of burning over 300 calories. The workout also helps to strengthen self-discipline and teaches one different defense techniques. For beginners, the first session is composed of a 10-minute workout with no rest period before advancing into a 20-minute session where advanced combinations and actual boxing techniques are taught.

Punch The Fat Away

Great way to start a day with both high and low intensity training sessions. It's one of my favs to get my day going and feeling ready.

Review by Samantha
Posted on 1/14/18
Feel Better Instantly

Couple this type of training with weights and you have a full body workout that will lead to big results.

Review by Jennifer
Posted on 1/9/18