We are the premier fitness facility in the Salt Lake Valley

Our mission: Help others live better and realize their potential

We have five core values to help us achieve our mission:

Focus: on PEOPLE
We coach, lead, mentor and teach
with the individual in mind.

We are committed to being reliable,
following through and providing the
tools needed for our client’s success.

We work hard, smart and with intent.

We are honest with ourselves,
with our clients and with the world around us.

We hold ourselves responsible and personally
accountable for our actions and their outcome.

The Phoenix Gym

The Phoenix Gym represents a new chapter for our gym. We began in March 2008 as CrossFit 801.  We were the first CrossFit affiliate gym in the Salt Lake Valley. Since then we have helped over 1000 individuals work towards their health and fitness goals. Our clients have come from all different backgrounds and range from as young as 6 years old up to over 60. Over the years we have sent athletes to both the CrossFit regionals and the CrossFit games and continue to provide the tools for athletes to compete at all levels. Currently, we have over 100 clients in both group and private training programs. No matter who you are or where you are with regards to fitness, we’re interested in helping you reach your goals.

In 2013, we saw a need for a change.  We wanted our community to be about more than just CrossFit, because our goal here really is to help any person reach their goal and there are so many ways to make that happen.  So The Phoenix Gym was born.  To us, this name means exactly what we want for our clients.  Take a phoenician journey.  Burn down your old self – redefine/recreate/renew who you are.

clients we've helped reach their fitness goals
opened our doors
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